We serve those who are retired and no longer want to handle their own retirement planning or just want help and guidance with their finances, estate and legacy planning. We also serve those who are simply looking to change financial advisors. Our wealth managers will take away the financial headache so you can get back to concentrating on enjoying your retirement years. Stop worrying and meet one of the Wealth Managers at Professional Wealth Strategies.

The wealth managers at Professional Wealth Strategies meet with pre-retirees and those in younger generations who want help getting a head start at setting themselves up for a secure retirement. Maybe you are in the retiring planning stages and want to look at options for rolling over your 401(k) for when the big day arrives. You might be daydreaming about what your retirement will look like. Big goals are achieved by setting smaller goals and by putting a plan together that will help you attain those small goals. Let us work with you as your accountability partners. 

If you are a woman in transition, one who has lost a spouse through death or divorce, we understand how difficult a time this can be, let alone wading through the myriad of financial decisions and paperwork that comes along with a major life change. We listen, counsel and advise you on how to separate the matters that need immediate attention from the ones that can wait. Gigi Schneppat, one of our wealth managers, spearheads Wildflower Group of Tucson, a group dedicated to educating and empowering women in transition. Gigi and the Wildflower Group are passionate about helping women. To learn more about the resources they offer, go to www.wildflowergrouptucson.com or give Gigi a call at 520-529-3644.

Although we are Tucson’s retirement income specialists, we have clients throughout the country, from Connecticut to California, and in between!