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Welcome to Professional Wealth Strategies, a Tucson boutique advisory firm! Our mission is to help our clients prepare for their families' future by creating and implementing a comprehensive plan so they can stay on track, avoid costly mistakes, and simplify their lives.  

We are independent financial planners committed to the highest fiduciary standards. We opened our doors in 2003 after recognizing that Tucson needed a firm where the client's needs come first. Our clients include individuals, families, business owners, and trusts.

We develop a holistic financial plan based on the unique situation and needs of each client. This includes financial and investment advice, insurance, tax, and estate planning—all aspects of a sound financial plan.

Let us create your financial future together!


Fixed insurance products and services offered by Professional Wealth Strategies.

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Talking Points - Interesting tidbits & quotes from Keynote Speaker & finance & economics forecaster, Mark Zinder:


  1. In 19 of the last 30 years, the S&P 500 has outperformed the rest of the developed world, measured by the MSCI Europe, Australasia, and Far East Index, with a cumulative return of 1,574% versus 235%.-Marketwatch, July 30, 2020


  1. Starbucks, which controls 40% of the United States coffee market, will owe $1.25 billion in rent over the next year at its 16,000 company-owned stores.-Numlock News, July 30, 2020
  2. Jeff Bezos has added $74 billion to his net worth in 2020 alone, making him personally worth more than McDonald’s or Nike. -Bloomberg, July 20, 2020
  3. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.” -Daniel J. Boorstin


  1. When it comes to how much it takes to be considered wealthy, Americans now say it’s an average net worth of $2 million to achieve that status, down 23% from $2.6 million in January. When asked how much they would need to be comfortable, respondents said an average net worth of $655,000, down 30% from an average of $934,000 cited in January.-CNBC, July 27, 2020
  2. For 16 years, rising metal costs have made it more expensive to make and ship pennies than they are worth. The penny's 2¢ price tag amounted to a loss of over $72 million for the mint last year. Nickels now cost 7.62¢ apiece to produce.-Morning Brew, July 23, 2020


  1. NYC has an area of 303 square miles, and the whole human race, 7.3 billion people, could fit inside it—with room for another half a billion people. Specifically:
    - Manhattan could fit 590 million people
    - Brooklyn could fit 1.38 billion people
    - Queens could fit 2.83 billion people
    - The Bronx could fit 1.09 billion people
    - Staten Island could fit 1.51 billion people
    -Wait But Why, March 3, 2015

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