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Welcome to Professional Wealth Strategies, a Tucson boutique advisory firm! Our mission is to help our clients prepare for their families' future by creating and implementing a comprehensive plan so they can stay on track, avoid costly mistakes, and simplify their lives.  

We are independent financial planners committed to the highest fiduciary standards. We opened our doors in 2003 after recognizing that Tucson needed a firm where the client's needs come first. Our clients include individuals, families, business owners, and trusts.

We develop a holistic financial plan based on the unique situation and needs of each client. This includes financial and investment advice, insurance, tax, and estate planning—all aspects of a sound financial plan.

Let us create your financial future together!


Fixed insurance products and services offered by Professional Wealth Strategies.

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One of our dear clients, Bob Rinker, has stage 5 kidney failure.  He has recently made it onto the Mayo Clinic’s kidney donor list.  With his and his family’s agreement, we are sharing his story from the

National Kidney Registry website: 


Feel free to pass Bob’s story on.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him.  We wish him well at his upcoming visit with his doctor to determine if in interim he’ll need to go on dialysis. 


Talking Points - Interesting tidbits & quotes from Keynote Speaker & finance & economics forecaster, Mark Zinder:



  1. The auction of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s art collection brought in a record $1.6 billion. Despite Allen being a discerning art collector, he recorded an average rate of just 6.2% over 18 years for the pieces he previously bought at auction.-Morning Brew, November 12, 2022


  1. Since 1950, the average return for the S&P 500 in the 12 months after a midterm election is 15%, surprisingly with no down years. Stocks performed better in the six months following the election than in the six months preceding it 17 out of 19 times. And a split government has historically produced a roughly 13% annual return.-USA Today, November 6, 2022


  1. The smorgasbord of software needed to do any given task can make it feel like we are working multiple jobs at once. A study in Harvard Business Review suggests workers are switching from app to app and website to website, nearly 1,200 times a day – that amounts to a total of 9% of their annual time at work.-Axios, November 7, 2022


  1. “Good ideas carried to wretched excess, become bad ideas.”
    -Charlie Munger


  1. Natural gas stockpiles in European Union member states are now 95% full. Russia provided about 40% of Europe’s gas before it invaded Ukraine and supplies were cut off, but an unusually warm autumn and stepped-up imports of liquefied natural gas have created a temporary glut, with prices dropping 40% since August.-The Economist, November 3, 2022


  1. When Pennsylvania’s Senator-elect John Fetterman heads to Capitol Hill in January, exactly 10% of the Senate will have the first name Jon or John.-Washington Post, November 11, 2022


  1. "Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, one by one, as each relative goes home."
    -Melanie White 



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