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'Popeye the Sailor'

The Real 'Popeye the Sailor' was actually a hard-drinking bar brawler with a heart of gold!  Check out the story through the following link from

Welcome to Professional Wealth Strategies, a Tucson boutique advisory firm! Our mission is to help our clients prepare for their families' future by creating and implementing a comprehensive plan so they can stay on track, avoid costly mistakes, and simplify their lives.  

We are independent financial planners committed to the highest fiduciary standards. We opened our doors in 2003 after recognizing that Tucson needed a firm where the client's needs come first. Our clients include individuals, families, business owners, and trusts.

We develop a holistic financial plan based on the unique situation and needs of each client. This includes financial and investment advice, insurance, tax, and estate planning—all aspects of a sound financial plan.

Let us create your financial future together!


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Talking Points - Interesting tidbits & quotes from Keynote Speaker & finance & economics forecaster, Mark Zinder:

  1. Adjusted for the cost of living, an ounce of gold has approximately the same purchasing power it had in ancient Rome 2,000 years ago.-The Wall Street Journal, February 23, 2024


  1. In the past half-century, U.S. stocks turned $100 into $6,200 without dividends (ignoring costs and taxes), while with dividends, the same $100 investment would be worth roughly $25,000 today.-The Wall Street Journal, February 22, 2024


  1. For the first time on record, the United States has fewer than 2 million farms. All told, only 26,214 farms accounted for half of all sales, while 586,286 farms (31% of them) reported sales less than $2,500.-Numlock News, February 21, 2024


  1. “Baseball is the only sport I know where the defense controls the ball.” 
    -Ken Harrelson, Sports Illustrated, September 1976. 


  1. U.S. casinos won nearly $67 billion from gamblers last year- their biggest single-year haul ever. Slot machines brought in the most revenue, while sports betting saw the biggest increase.-VOA News, February 20, 2024


  1. The average slot machine player plays 16 games a minute, which is more than we blink.-Peter Attia & Michael Easter


  1. When asked what he would do with his signing bonus, Philly’s relief pitcher Tug McGraw exclaimed, "Ninety percent I'll spend on good times, women, and Irish Whiskey. The other ten percent I'll probably waste."-Baseball Almanac

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